Room SPA

You can relax from everyday worries & relieve stress by going on a fantastic SPA-trip. Before starting the procedure, we recommend you to spend 45-60 minutes in a sauna or in a steam room. There’s also a "shower of impressions" at your service, which is working in four modes : a warm "tropical rain" accompanied by tropical flavors & a cold "Atlantic Ocean" with a soothing mint aroma. "Shower of impressions" is a unique combination of water, light and sound that can cause a whole gamut of unforgettable sensations. A shower cabin equipped with special equipment allows everyone to experience the power of a Caribbean storm, a cold Scandinavian rainfall, to be immersed in a mountain mist fired with refreshing aromas or suddenly fall under the hail of heavy drops of tropical rain carrying scents of exotic flowers and fruits.


The combination of different temperatures and several modes of water spraying makes it possible to experience a wide variety of sensations. "Shower of impressions" can cause a rush of vigor and strength, or vice versa, a pleasant relaxation. "Shower impressions" will be a good continuation of pool-training & will give an unusual feeling of freshness after a sauna or a powerful charge of energy at the very beginning of the day.


The room has:
  • room area : 65 m2
Cost: Night - 15000 rubles

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